Cooking with Kangen Water®

Staying hydrated with alkaline Kangen Water® is an important step toward physical health, but a healthy diet is also paramount in overall wellness. Healthy eating supports a healthy body.

You can maximize the power of your Enagic® machine by learning how to prepare Nature’s healthy ingredients with 3 different types of Enagic® Water, and then cooking these vibrant foods with alkaline Kangen Water®. Here are some simple ways you can substitute Kangen Water® in your recipes to make your food even more nutritious and delicious:

  1. Don’t waste any part of your vegetables! Many people chop up a vegetable and throw away the ends – in fact, 27% of all edible food gets wasted every year! But you can reduce waste by using these veggie tips to make healthy homemade Kangen Water® broth! Once your vegetables have been properly cleaned, you can store the pieces you do not need right away in the freezer. Once you have about 3 or 4 pounds of vegetable pieces stored, you’re ready to make delicious, flavorful Kangen Water® Vegetable Broth. Once the broth is made, add your cooked vegetables to your compost pile.
  2. You can also use your spare vegetable “tips” to make delicious Kangen Water® salad dressings! If you have ever looked at the label of most salad dressings in the grocery store, you know they are largely comprised of water, high fructose corn syrup, and other natural and artificial “flavors.” Why not eat salad dressing made of healthy, alkaline Kangen Water® and other nutritious and natural ingredients? For a delicious Kangen Water® Sauce and Salad Dressing, courtesy of Chef Pascal’s DVD “Open the Door to Evolution,” click here: Kitchen Recipes.
  3. Remember that reducing waste is a big part of living green, so here is another way you can use your scraps. Save your shrimp tails, mussel or crawfish shells, fish ends, and vegetable tips to make a delicious Kangen Water® Seafood Stock.
  4. Use Kangen Water® (9.0 pH) when steaming your food. You can infuse more flavor into your steamed food by using Homemade Kangen Water® Broth instead of water, or adding citrus zest to the Kangen Water® when steaming vegetables. A bamboo steamer is an excellent way to perfectly steam your vegetables, fish, and meats, and retains more nutrients in your food than boiling, frying, or baking. For an easy, flavorful recipe, check out the Kangen Water® Steamed Salmon and Potatoes.
  5. Use Kangen Water® when brewing Fair Trade teas and coffees, or in homemade lemonade. You will be delighted by the delicate boost Kangen Water® can have on your ordinary beverages.
  6. Make Kangen Water® your choice for all your soup recipes, and make sure to boil your pasta, oatmeal, beans, etc. in Kangen Water® for a deliciously healthy kick.

There are so many possibilities when you integrate Kangen Water® into your cooking! Get creative and explore how you can come up with your own extraordinary Kangen Twist on ordinary recipes.

Prepare food with passion and purpose! Discover gourmet cooking with Kangen Water®.