Be Green, Beautifully!

A New Approach to Skin Care

Does your skin feel supple, healthy, and radiant? Are you enjoying beautiful skin that stays well nourished all day long?

Many people spend too much money on expensive cleansers, lotions, and other skin care products, only to swiftly move onto another brand in their search for healthy, hydrated skin. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at the label.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has reported that the United States Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated almost 90% of all skin care and beauty products on the US market. Meanwhile, most skin care products contain petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens (chemical preservatives), and chemical fillers1.

It is no longer fashionable to use ingredients from Nature for a healthy glow. And while some responsible companies have switched to organic farming and renewable processes, many beauty companies still rely on harsh ingredients that deplete the environment.

Fortunately, healthy skin IS possible with natural ingredients like Enagic® Beauty Water (Slightly Acidic Water)! With just a touch of a button, your Enagic® ionizing machine will generate water that can help keep your skin looking young, clean, and amply hydrated.

Caring For Your Acid Mantle

There has been extensive research studying the chemistry of the skin’s outer layer since the late 20th century2. More than a hundred years of medical studies have shown that the external layer of your skin is acidic, ranging from pH 4.4 to 5.9. This “acid mantle” is believed to act as a barrier, or protection, to block unwanted germs, bacteria, and other micro-organisms from entering your body. If you apply a neutral or alkaline substance to your skin, this acid mantle can be compromised.

Beauty Water is a marvelous, gentle astringent for your skin that can help support the proper pH level of your acid mantle. Just by rinsing and washing your face with Beauty Water, instead of chlorinated tap water, you can enjoy clean, healthy skin every day.

Not only can you use Beauty Water to rinse and wash your body, but you can also use it to make Earth-friendly skin care products! With the natural toning qualities of Beauty Water, it makes a wonderful fragrant moisturizing bar of soap. For the full Beauty Water Soap recipe, click here.

If your skin needs an extra moisture boost, skip the store-bought lotion and opt instead for your own homemade Beauty Water Lotion. This naturally fragrant lotion will keep your skin hydrated with Beauty Water, and is still kind to the environment.

It’s never been easier to live a beautiful green life. Discover youthful hydrated skin with Enagic® today!
2Schmid, M.H and H.C. Korting, “The Concept of the Acid Mantle of the Skin: It’s Relevance for the Choice of Skin Cleansers”, Dermatoloty 1995; 191: 276-280.