Benefits of Gardening

How Green Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening is a green choice for the Earth, but it is also a healthy choice for you! Health professionals have long studied the benefits of gardening on your nutritional health, budget, overall wellness, and building of the community1. The findings of decades of study show exciting news for every green thumb! Gardening is a fun and rewarding experience that can improve your life and the life of your greater community1.

Nutritional Health

Researchers have spent years studying what you probably already know: if you grow it, you eat it! People who grow their own food enjoy feasting on the fruits of their labor1, which means they thrive on a healthy and well-balanced diet. Teaching your children about the importance of nutritional health is a natural conversation that takes place in the garden. When every member of the family participates in the designing, cultivation, harvesting, and preparation of your edible garden, you will be reinforcing the benefits and convenience of healthy eating1. Don’t miss the opportunity to make nutritional health so affordable and attainable. Garden for a healthier Earth, healthier family, and healthier you!

Healthy Exercise

Gardening is a preferred method of exercise for every age, gender, and culture1. If you think gardening is just for your mother, think again! This all-natural, calming activity can increase muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and is a moderate cardiovascular workout2. In fact, 45 minutes of gardening is equivalent to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.2 Gardening is also kind to your joints, so you don’t have to worry about injuries associated with high-impact exercise; this is why gardening is highly recommended for pregnant women, cancer survivors, and people who live a mostly sedentary life1. If you’re looking for a rewarding form of exercise that can make your life greener and healthier, you’ll find it in your garden.

Your Budget

Gardening can be a wonderful relief to your pocketbook. Did you know that every dollar you invest in an edible garden can yield up to $25 worth of vegetables?3 This green activity is both sustainable and budget-friendly. You can save money and skip the days-old grocery store produce that has traveled cross-country and has lost much of its nutritional value. This means you can have healthier food for less! Investing in your garden means you’re investing in your economical budget and overall health.

Healthy Mind

Gardening is also a wonderful activity for supporting a healthy mind and overall well-being. Studies suggest that working outdoors with the Earth can help promote stress relief and healing1. In fact, horticultural therapy is a tried-and-true method of rehabilitation for mental health patients of all ages1. When you work outdoors in your garden, you experience a plant-human relationship that can help relax your body and even reduce stress, muscle tension, and anxiety1. So next time you’re tempted to take a luxurious bath to melt away the stress of the day, go outdoors instead, dig your hands into the dirt, and connect with the energy of Nature.

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